Photo of Katherine Holt, Author of Gothic MysteriesI was one of those children who was scared of everything. Even just a hint of questionable activity or a heavy atmosphere was enough to send me scurrying beneath the covers. Then, like Batman, I realised that to conquer fear I must become fear itself, and so my love of all things historical and grisly was born.

I write Gothic historical fiction, based in and around Leeds and Lincoln. I have a lifelong love of Regency historicals, and a developing interest in mental health and psychopathy.

I’m currently researching and writing a Victorian detective series set in a mortuary in Leeds. It’s taking me a LONG time!

My first book, His Wicked Shadow, was released in May 2014, followed by An Unnatural Daughter in December 2014.

The Review, book one in The Liberty Troupe Trilogy was released April 2015, and is a Regency mystery set in and around Leeds in 1814. For more details, click here.

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I also run Giftast Digital Wedding & Event Stationery, because why just do one thing?

You can find me on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, so if any of those float your boat, come say hi!