It occurs to me, incredibly, that I haven’t written anything on my Miss H Writes blog for almost – if not over – 5 years. So much has happened since then!

I seem to recall that in my last post I was talking about playing Pok√©mon Go. So that’s what the world was like about 5 years ago.

In the interim, (in brief) I’ve:

  • Bought a house,
  • Adopted a cat,
  • Got married,
  • Started a business,
  • Adopted another cat,
  • Sold a house
  • Bought a new one,
  • And have not yet finished another fiction book…

Oh, and some other stuff happened since early 2020, but let’s not go into that.

I’ve been working on my current book (and the series I intend to follow it with) in some form or another for almost that entire time, and I am still in love with the idea. So I thought, I’ll write a blog, I’ll share the books I’ve been researching from, and show that although I’ve not released another Katherine Holt book since The Advocate, another is coming, and I believe it will be worth the wait!

In the meantime, audiobooks are in production of all my previous books, starting with His Wicked Shadow. It’s been strange to revisit something I wrote about 10 years ago. There are edits I’d make, of course, but I’m pleasantly surprised at what my younger self was able to achieve. Although I couldn’t have done it half so well without the help of my writing buddy, Allison, and my then agent, Drea.

I’ll talk about the upcoming audiobooks in more detail as they launch, when I’ll be able to offer review copies!

I’ll be talking about a lot of things in more detail, in blogs of their own, in the near future. So this one is a rubbish blog. This is a scribble on a blank page, to help make the rest of the blogs easier.

So please forgive me for writing a few hundred words of nothing. It’s the groundwork. I am so excited to share everything that’s coming in more detail such as:

  • More details about my Mortuary Murder Mystery Series
  • Sharing some of the incredible books I’ve used in my research
  • Audiobook review copy giveaways

It’s good to be back in a space that feels so entirely mine, and I can’t wait to make it more like home.