Katherine Holt British Feamle Audiobook NarratorBritish Female Voice Over Artist and Narrator with experience in Audiobooks, eLearning and Meditation.

Versatile and professional audiobook narrator with a general British accent. My background is in historical fiction and romance. I have experience portraying a large cast of characters with distinct vocal differences.

Audiobook Reviews:

“The narrator Katherine Holt, has a beautiful voice that sweeps you up into the first person narrative and seems to make reality melt away as you become engulfed in the dark world of Victorian horror.”

“Katherine Holt’s execution as the narrator is exactly what I’d dreamed of as a reader. It made the perfect trifecta! If you’ve already read this outstanding trilogy and call yourself a fan, then you must listen to the audio edition.”

“Once again Katherine Holt lends her haunting voice to this audio performance. She manages to perfectly capture the character of Mary Shelly as well as adds to the atmosphere of the narrative.”

“The narrator, Katherine Holt was quite remarkable. She set the tone of the story so perfectly. The descriptions of the characters and their surroundings came to life for me. “

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Audiobook Credits:

Shade by Merrie Destefano Dusk, by Merrie Destefano Dawn by Merrie De Stefano A Sisters Curse by Jayne Bamber Lyla's Therapy by Christopher Buxton Trinity Stone by Jess Gray Summerset Valley by Jordan Kate Buck

Voice Over Credits



  • Guided Meditations x 19
  • Corporate Instructional VO
  • Sample for Techno Music x 2
  • Newscaster for Parody video
  • Professional Explainer video